Simple to use Contact Manger!

Your Sample Center Contact Manager tool is easy to operate. Every lead, whether it is imported or delivered through your personal website, is automatically uploaded to your Contact Manager. Within your Contact Manager, one click allows you to control auto-responder emails, sample sending and so much more.

We send your samples!

Vemma has established special low pricing for you to send product samples direct from your Sample Center. One click from your Contact Manager, and the Bod·ē Pro™ Build and Burn is sent by USPS First-Class Mail!

Import your Prospect List!

Use all of the powerful features with your current prospect list! You have the option to individually enter prospects or upload lists. If you have a list of verified prospects, you can use the simple import process and easily upload them into the Contact Manager of your Sample Center. With one click, your sample is ready to be sent.

Affordable Monthly Plans!

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VemmaSampleSending E-Mail Anti Spamming Disclaimer:

Please keep in mind when importing leads into your Sample Center, which may qualify as business leads, that they are OPT-IN.

Our email server is a superlative service and does not allow spamming!

Our anti-spam policy should be adhered to when sending emails from your Sample Center.

When sending from your Sample Center:

  • You should send one message to all existing contacts, to ensure that the email address you have for that contact is current and not blocking your email address. If your email address is blocked by a contact's email address, we strongly recommend that you no longer attempt to contact them through that email address.

  • The system does allow you to edit prospects' information in the Contact Manager. If by some other means you acquire a new and functioning email address for a contact, you can edit this information.

These email server requirements must be followed by and all system users. If you are in question as to whether your leads are opt-in leads, we recommend that you send from your own email address/server. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

"All email lists must be opt-in. You must be able to verify directly when and where each contact provided you with their email address. A PURCHASED LIST IS NEVER CONSIDERED OPT-IN AND IS NEVER ALLOWED ON OUR SYSTEM."